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How to do the maintenance of NC Servo Feeder

How to do NC servo feeder maintenance?
Why NC Servo Feeder need maintenance, What are the benefits of such maintenance .
Here you can talk about these two issues in detail
NC servo motor work every day is the mechanical part of the operation, the mechanical part of the need for oil to lubricate the time with a long time the machine itself, the oil worn away, so the need for regular inspection and maintenance, regular maintenance can increase the mechanical life.
NC servo feeder maintenance, including routine maintenance and periodic inspection of two aspects:
First, the main routine maintenance to do the next major aspects:
1, the wheel part of the gear, coated with butter and gear oil replacement gear oil.
2, whether the wheel between the dirt, gear between the foreign body.
3, the combination of the various agencies of the screws and nuts are loose.
4, the feed roller is a good degree of parallelism.
5, the various parts of whether there is abnormal deformation such as deformation.
6, the switch on the operation panel and the display is abnormal.

NC servo feeder for auto stamping press

Followed by regular inspection
This check should be carried out every six months or 1000 hours of operation.
1, whether the external wiring deformation, damage, leakage or short circuit condition.
2, the operation panel button, whether the contact conduction, whether there is oil adhesion.
3, the control panel relay contact points are good.
4, NC servo system is often backlog of dust and oil, the ambient temperature is too high.
5, in the electric control box has a cooling fan is to protect the motor to avoid overheating, the cooling fan has a filter is used to protect the fan away from dust, but if the filter is blocked, the cooling fan function will fail, control The temperature of the tank rises, causing the transistor to be damaged.
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